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Steve Jobs: "There Are No Reception Issues."

Steve Jobs has been one active CEO in responding directly to consumers regarding the reception issues surrounding the iPhone 4. Of course, if you ask Steve, there are no issues.

One new iPhone 4 owner, Mark, email Steve Jobs claiming that his friend who also owned an iPhone 4 complained of signal issues to AppleCare and was given a free bumper case. Mark told Steve that he loves everything about his iPhone 4 other than the signal issues.

This is what Steve Jobs had to say:

There is no reception issue. Stay tuned.

Given last week's responses regarding how the iPhone 4 would pick up signal differently depending on how you hold it, there is most definitely an issue. But the "stay tuned" portion means that Apple is working on some kind of solution. (AppleInsider thinks it could be just a software update that'll hit as soon as next week.) While a hardware fix would be ideal, the answer might just mean free bumper for everyone.