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Samsung to Build Google Smart TVs

The company is reportedly in "late stage" talks with Google to roll out the TVs. According to Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung's TV division, Samsung will unveil the devices "at an event next year". The executive noted that the Samsung Google TV "would differ from those of competitors".

It's good for Google as support for its platform has faded. Intel has scaled back its efforts in the smart TV business despite strong support when Google TV was first launched. Logitech indirectly complained about Google TV as an unfinished product that has cost the company about $100 million and prompted a halt of further development of Google TV devices. The only remaining big player offering Google TV devices is Sony and even an announcement by Google that the platform now supports access to Android market has not done much to help accelerate its growth.

Samsung previously shown a Google TV-enabled Blu-ray player at CES 2011, but may have been held back due to the beta-state of Google TV and a lukewarm customer reception.