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How to Replace Your Broken Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen

It's happened to all of us. One minute you're chatting away on your phone and the next minute you go to put it back in your pocket and you idiotically miss and it slams into the concrete below. And, as happens to all of us in this situation, it doesn't land flat on the plastic battery door you could easily replace for a fiver on eBay but bull's eye on the super expensive screen. Now what? Well, if the screen still accepts your touch input, you might try to keep using it, cracked and all, despite the barrage of laughs from your friends every time you take it out or, if the screen doesn't work, you then begin to simply panic and google the closest cell phone repair store to only find that they charge more than the cost of the phone to fix it.

Don't worry, there's hope. A lot of times you can find the replacement screen online and just do it yourself. Saving money and giving a nice warm feeling of DIY accomplishment in the process. Today we've chosen one of the most popular device's on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S3, to show you how easy it can be.

  1. Remove the back cover.

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