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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Hits Lowest Price Ever for Cyber Monday

I have rambled on at length about whether or not you should buy a Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch, but my personal experience is this: It’s an awesome peripheral, and it costs too much money.

Credit: Nintendo

(Image credit: Nintendo)

That’s not the case today, however, as you can get a Pro Controller for an all-time low price of $51. The deal, at present, is available at both Amazon and Target, but don’t be alarmed if you don’t see it right away. Taking advantage of the full discount takes a little bit of legwork.

When you add the Pro Controller to your cart, it will appear to cost $60 — a decent discount, but not worth jumping out of your seat. However, if you follow the process all the way to the checkout, Amazon and Target will take an additional $9 off the purchase price, leaving you at $51. As far as the Tom’s Guide staff can tell, this the lowest price a major retailer has ever offered on a brand-new Switch Pro Controller.

For gamers who are debating the merits of the device, the Pro Controller is a much more traditional peripheral than the mounted Joy-Cons, with more even button spacing and handles with softer, more comfortable grips. You can take advantage of an additional button to take screenshots instantly, you can connect it to Amiibos via NFC and you can use it with PCs via Bluetooth. It’s a much more comfortable way to play big adventures on the Switch for hours at a time, and makes a great extra controller for multiplayer matchups.

If you decide you want one, this is probably the time to buy it; the Pro Controller hasn’t been this cheap before, and may not be this cheap again until after Christmas. Or, if you’re still holding out for a different product, check out our Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals or our Best Cyber Monday Deals overall.