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This Could Be LG's Intriguing Foldable Phone

This may be the foldable phone that LG will present at the Mobile World Congress 2019 — a new twist to the folding designs we have seen so far.

Credit: Let's Go Digital

(Image credit: Let's Go Digital)

According to Dutch tech site Let’s Go Digital, the phone appears in a patent awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark on November 20, 2018.

The patent describes a phone that opens, revealing a display that folds all the way to the front, covering half of it. The patented phone design is equipped with an spring-loaded mechanism that doesn’t allow you to force it beyond its fully opened position.

The filing also claims that this invention may display different interfaces depending on the position of the display. One example: In a 90-degree angle, a video application will display the clip on the top half of the display while the bottom half will show the video controls.

It also shows a vertical dock interface that appears on the central line of the display. This dock will allow users to launch widgets and apps that users can directly place on the screen by dragging and dropping.

Let's Go Digital

Let's Go Digital

The area of the flexible display wrapping around the front of the phone can display information like the time, weather, and notifications. This is not a bad concept at all. In fact, it reminds me of a brilliant idea by LG: the first mode of its amazing rollable TV. This TV can unroll its display into an ultra-wide area that holds tiles displaying interesting information. It seems logical that LG could do a similar thing if this phone ever gets produced.

LG’s upcoming device is one of the many foldable phones coming in 2019. According to reliable phone rumor monger Ice Universe, the phone will likely be introduced in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress in February.

We also expect to see the Huawei foldable phone and the final version of the Samsung Infinity Flex phone around the same time.