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Jabra's Elite Sport Could Be Ultimate Wireless Buds

Berlin -- I've been on a quest to find the best true wireless earbuds so I can finally rid myself of my constantly tangled existence. And while Samsung's Gear Icon X and Erato's Apollo 7 are among the best, they still aren't perfect. That's why when I heard about Jabra's new $249 Elite Sport wireless earbuds at IFA 2016, I got pretty excited.

This biggest problem with true wireless earbuds is their connection. If there's too much much interference, audio becomes a jittery mess. But with Jabra opting for near field communications to connect each earbud, the company is promising a super stable connection without a hint of lag.

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But wireless audio isn't the Elite Sport's only feature. They have IP67-rated water resistance that's good in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes, automatic background noise canceling, and pass-through audio when you want to hear the world around you.

And because it''s Jabra, there's a whole host of fitness tech crammed in there, too. You get active heartrate analysis that can track how hard you're working out, stats to show you how your fitness has improved over time, and even real-time coaching via Jabra's mobile app.

The Elite Sport earbuds come with three sets of ear gels and ear wings to ensure a secure fit, and their own case that can recharge the earbuds back to full twice. On their own, Jabra says the Elite Sports should last about 3 hours on a charge.

And as claimed, when I tested them out at IFA 2016, I didn't encounter a single dropped connection. But even so, when the Elite Sport comes out in October, we're going to put it through a wide range of tests to see if it's the wireless earphones to beat.