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iPhone 8 Leak Lowers Expectations for New Feature

Apple fans have been brimming with excitement over rumors that the iPhone 8 will support wireless charging, a feature that's long overdue. And now we're getting word from The Wall Street Journal that the iPhone 8 will launch at a Sept. 12 event.

Unfortunately, a new report is curbing our enthusiasm and tempering our expectations over how well the charging will stack up to present-day standards.

iPhone 8 Concept by TechDesigns

iPhone 8 Concept by TechDesigns

According to Japanese Apple site Macotakara, the iPhone will be using a less-powerful wireless standard that could result in slower refueling. The post explains that while the hardware inside the iPhone 8 may have the capability to support the current Qi 1.2 standard, it will use a half-as-slow charging profile, which runs at 7.5 watts.

The bad news doesn't stop there, as the post explains that there's a possibility the iPhone 8's wireless charging will be locked, so that it only supports chargers with the Made for iPhone (MFI) licensing. That would rule out any existing accessories.

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If this report is true, the slower, weaker charging might make it tougher for Apple to sell the iPhone 8 at the rumored $999 price we've seen floating around the rumor mills lately. While it will be the first Apple hardware with this feature, the competition could be charging wirelessly twice as quickly, and bragging about it.

More annoyingly, wireless charging may not be activated when the handset ships. Apple blogger John Gruber tweeted that his sources say wireless charging support will be sold separately and made available later via a iOS 11.1, "a la Portrait mode last year."

Stay tuned for more iPhone 8 rumors and news, as we expect Apple to launch the handset in the coming weeks, at to-be-announced event September 12.

Henry T. Casey

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  • Rufinoman
    Who would buy a phone with wireless charging built in and then have to wait for the latest software in order to use that feature?
  • Dib Siverack
    Of course, Apple looking for a way to capitalize on the fanboy obsession.
  • jaydee917
    Who cares about wireless charging? Losing the ability to use your phone while it charges is a feature that people actually want? I just don't understand it.

    Wake me up when we have "true" wireless charging when I can charge my phone from at least a few feet away.