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New iPhone 8 Leak Confirms Just How Big It Will Be

And you thought the iPhone 7 Plus had a big screen. A new report seemingly confirms that Apple is designing an even larger display for the iPhone 8.

The ever-so-clever developer Steve Troughton-Smith has somehow figured out the screen size of the 10th-anniversary iPhone by diving deep into the beta code for the Apple HomePod speaker.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin)

Lining up with previous iPhone 8 rumors, the new leak points to Apple's flagship sporting an OLED display that measures 5.8 inches diagonally. That would be significantly larger than the 5.5-inch panel on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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However, because the iPhone 8's front is expected to be almost all display--without a physical home button--Apple will likely be able to squeeze this extra real estate into a handset that's the same size or smaller than its current flagships.

As reported on by Forbes, Troughton-Smith tweeted out the iPhone 8's metrics, saying, "Designers, have fun."

Credit: Gabor Balogh

(Image credit: Gabor Balogh)

Mockups have been circulating for weeks portraying what a 5.8-inch iPhone 8 could look like, which ditches the Touch ID button that was formerly beneath the display. In fact, a video of a dummy iPhone 8 unit was circulating today that looks like the real deal.

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There's only a small notch towards the top of the screen that swoops down and includes a cutout for the infrared sensor (presumably for 3D face scanning), the front camera and the speaker.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 at an event in September, which could conflict with the Galaxy Note 8's reported on sale date of Sept. 15. That phablet will reportedly be 6.3 inches. It's shaping up to be a very interesting fall for flagship phone launches.