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iPhone 8 Leak Puts One of Our Biggest Fears to Rest

A leaked schematic of the iPhone 8 is making the rounds, and it seems to put to rest one of our greatest fears about Apple's upcoming 10th-anniversary iPhone.

Last week, leakers discovered an iPhone 8 blueprint that featured a rear-facing fingerprint reader, which looked awkward, unsightly and just not very Apple-like. Fortunately, this latest schematic shown off by artist/leaker Benjamin Geskin is far more encouraging, as it hints at the kind of seamless design we've come to expect from each new iPhone.

It also teases some exciting new features. The most notable part of this schematic is the big circular outline in the center, which could be a hint that the iPhone 8 will support wireless charging. This would bring Apple's flagship up to speed with the Galaxy S8 in a big way.

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The schematic also lines up with previous iPhone 8 rumors that suggest the phone will have a vertically-oriented iSight camera. It's hard to glean much else from this blueprint, though Geskin did tease in a separate tweet that the iPhone 8 will come with a USB-C to Lightning cable — possibly for easier connectivity to MacBooks.

Cedit: Benjamin Geskin

Cedit: Benjamin Geskin

Just for good measure, Geskin made a mockup render of the new iPhone using this schematic, and the end result is pretty slick; even if seeing the vertical camera takes some getting used to.

Apple is rumored to launch three smartphones this fall, with the high-end iPhone 8 potentially being joined by a beefed-up iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. However, while most iPhones hit in September, the iPhone 8 could be delayed due to manufacturing issues related to its rumored OLED display and augmented reality capabilities.

Image Credits: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

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