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Here's What the Final iPhone 8 Design Looks Like

After months of rumors, leaks and renders, we just might have our first look at how Apple's iPhone 8 will look in the real world.

Image Credit: BGR

(Image credit: Image Credit: BGR)

The folks at BGR claim that they got their hands on photos of a physical mockup of the iPhone 8's final design, which was put together using leaked schematics. The device's appearance lines up with most of the more prominent iPhone 8 rumors; there are glass panels on the front and back, a seemingly borderless display and a vertically oriented iSight camera.

This mockup doesn't quite confirm the existence of a Touch ID sensor being built into the display, but considering the front panel doesn't appear to have any bezels, it's very likely. The phone's edges look quite similar to that of the iPhone 7, and no, it doesn't look like the 3.5mm headphone jack is coming back.

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Overall, the mockup looks pretty slick — the rear glass panel in particular could go a long way in making Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone stand out.

We already have a good idea of what the iPhone 8 will look like, and based on the latest rumors, we also have some guesses as to the handset's specs. Apple's next iPhone is rumored to pack a powerful A11 processor, improved dual lens camera and potentially some extra high-tech features, such as augmented reality integration. Then there's long overdue features like wireless charging.

We'll likely have to wait until September to get a full look at the iPhone 8, though Apple's next phone could make a surprise appearance at WWDC in June. The 10th-anniversary handset is expected to launch late this year along the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, though some rumors have pointed to the iPhone 8 being delayed.

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