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iPhone 8 May Come with This Surprise Freebie

If you're going to charge close to $1,000 for your new flagship phone, it makes sense to try to sweeten the deal.

Between its rumored OLED display and wireless charging and edge-to-edge design, Apple is expected to deliver its most premium smartphone yet in the iPhone 8, but the handset by itself might not be enough to entice shoppers.

An iPhone 8 concept. Credit: Gabor Balogh

(Image credit: An iPhone 8 concept. Credit: Gabor Balogh)

According to a new analyst report from JPMorgan, picked up by 9to5Mac, Apple may bundle the iPhone 8 with a pair of AirPods. That's certainly one way to ease the sting on the pocketbook, as well as a way to make up for the presumed continued absence of a headphone jack.

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In our review of the AirPods, we called them "almost magical." They offer a lightweight design, excellent ease of use with practically no pairing fuss and good Siri integration. However, we lamented the lack of touch controls.

Still, no one is going to complain about potentially getting the AirPods for free.

JPMorgan's note also sketches out how the iPhone 8's 5.8-inch display will look relative to today's 4.7-inch iPhone 7. The screen stretches from edge to edge horizontally, but there's still bezels above and below the panel. 

The report also predicts that the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will move to 2.5D glass backs, which would accommodate wireless charging.

The analyst firm predicts that the iPhone 8 will cost approximately $75 to $80 more to build than than the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus, but you can bet that Apple will charge more than that delta to get your hands on its flagship.