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Watch: New iPhone 11 Video Brings Renders to Life

When there are iPhone leaks, concept videos of Apple's upcoming phone based on those leaks usually follow in short order. And the latest iPhone 11 concept video showcases quite an appealing design.

The video, posted to the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel and featuring images put together by designer Hasan Kaymak, appears to reflect that latest rumors about Apple's 2019 iPhone, from the notched display on the front of the device to the triple camera setup on the back.

This three-camera approach, rumored to be included with the successors to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, has drawn a lot of attention precisely because people aren't sure how it will look on whatever phone Apple releases this fall. Early renders suggested Apple was arranging the three lenses in a triangular shape — a departure from the horizontal or vertical stacks that other phone makers use. And frankly, a lot of those initial renders painted a pretty ugly picture.

Concerns about the iPhone 11's look eased somewhat last week with renders based on a report from analyst Ming Chi-Kuo that suggested Apple was working on ways to conceal the lenses on the back of its phone. That could be done with a glass coating that covers the camera array and extends across the back of the iPhone.

Credit: ConceptsiPhone/Hasan Kaymak

(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone/Hasan Kaymak)

Kaymak's designs featured in the video give us our best look yet at how that design would appear in practice. The cameras are definitely noticeable — it's hard to disguise all those lenses, after all — but the square array doesn't jut out as prominently as first feared. The glossy glass back makes it feel more integrated into the iPhone's design.

The camera array seems more prominent on the black version of the phone as opposed to the silver one in Kaymak's design, but that could just be a trick of the eye.

Credit: ConceptsiPhone/Hasan Kaymak

(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone/Hasan Kaymak)

Up front, little is expected to change about the iPhone 11, which is all but certain to include the notch Apple first introduced in the 2017 iPhone X. But considering this will be our third year of notched displays and that many Android phone makers now follow Apple's lead, that's hardly the most noticeable thing about this rumored iPhone design.

Apple is likely to announce this year's iPhones in the fall, where rumors point to three models to replace the XS, XS Max and XR versions Apple rolled out in 2018. Expect a lot more iPhone concept videos between now and then.