iPhone 11 Battery Life: How Long All the Models Last

iPhone 11 Pro charger
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Now that we've reviewed the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, some clear differences have emerged between Apple's newest iPhones. But you might be wondering just how long each smartphone lasts on a charge.

The regular iPhone 11 is the most affordable at $699 and packs much improved cameras along with a fairly big display, and it actually offers more endurance than the pricier iPhone 11 Pro. 

Torn between the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max? The Pro Max is the way to go if you want more juice, as it lasted 1.5 hours longer than the regular Pro on our web surfing battery test. Here's how the battery life compares for all three iPhone 11 models. 

iPhone 11 Battery Life: 11 vs 11 Pro vs Pro Max

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Battery life (hrs:mins)Battery size
iPhone 11 11:163046 mAh
iPhone 11 Pro 10:243190 mAh
iPhone 11 Pro Max 11:543969 mAh

For our smartphone battery life test, we set all phone screens to 150 nits of screen brightness and then continuously surf the web over 4G LTE, typically using T-Mobile's network for consistency. The test automatically loads a new website every 30 seconds until the battery drains.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max was the clear winner in our testing, averaging a runtime of 11 hours and 54 minutes. This enabled the 11 Pro Max to be named to our best phone battery life list. By comparison, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus lasted an average of 11:09.

Not surprisingly, the iPhone 11 Pro Max also has the biggest battery of any iPhone yet at a reported 3,968 mAh, according to one teardown.

Moving on to the next highest battery life score, the iPhone 11 averaged a very good 11:16 on the Tom's Guide battery test. The iPhone 11 Pro lasted only an average of 10:24.

If you believe the iPhone 11 teardowns, the regular iPhone 11 has a smaller battery than the iPhone 11 Pro at 3046 mAh vs 3190 mAh, but perhaps the iPhone 11's LCD screen proved more efficient on than the iPhone 11 Pro's OLED panel on our web surfing test. 

Bottom line

If long battery life is critical for you and you don't mind using a large 6.5-inch display, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best iPhone you can buy. However, the regular iPhone 11 is a long-distance runner in its own right, especially considering its relatively low price. The iPhone 11 Pro's endurance is above average for smartphones but a full 1.5 hours behind the class-leading iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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