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iPhone Responsible for 43% of Smartphone Web Traffic

Online advertising network Chitika has found that nearly half of all web traffic stemming from smartphones is generated by the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 itself is responsible for 3 percent of the total smartphone usage, while older versions of the device make around 43 percent. Samsung devices, meanwhile, make up for 17 percent of traffic, with the Galaxy S3 generating 2 percent of total smartphone web usage.

Chitika said both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 surpass the web traffic generated from all BlackBerry users, which equals around 2 percent. Windows Phone users are responsible for 1 percent of total online usage.

The firm had recently found that in terms of web traffic between the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, "millions of mobile ad impressions" originated from the former. The iPhone 5 was responsible for 56 percent of traffic, while Samsung's flagship device claimed 44 percent of total impressions.

The breakdown from Chitika in terms of web traffic share by smartphones is as follows:

  • iPhone 5: 3 percent
  • Other iPhones: 43 percent
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: 2 percent 
  • Other Samsung phones: 15 percent
  • Non-Samsung Android smartphones: 34 percent
  • BlackBerry: 2 percent
  • Windows Phone: 1 percent


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