Samsung's Wild Foldable Galaxy F Could Look Like This

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Despite showing the Samsung Galaxy F at the company’s developer conference, we still don’t know what the final design will look like.

What you see here, however, may be really close to what we will get.Credit: Concept CreatorCredit: Concept CreatorThis concept rendered by YouTuber Concept Creator shows what the final phone may very well look like:

Samsung Galaxy F Concept

The render follows Samsung’s industrial design language down to a tee. It’s also a technologically doable package (more on this later) — a feasible first version, neither ultra-thin, as you would expect from version 2.0 or 3.0, nor thick as some people imagine after seeing it on a dark stage last week.

If you are not convinced that this may be close to what Samsung may start selling next year, let’s review the facts we know so far.

First, the phone that Samsung showed was not the phone that the Korean company will allegedly release next March with a possible $1,770 price tag. It was a prototype, according to CEO DJ Koh.
Credit: Concept CreatorCredit: Concept CreatorIn a press conference, Koh said that Samsung Mobile needed to show the technology for two reasons. First, to tell the world that they are on the verge of unleashing a foldable phone. And more importantly, to allow developers to start developing application that comply with the foldable phone’s user experience developed in collaboration with Google.

The prototype didn’t feature the industrial design of the phone. It was encased in a bulky box to disguise its final appearance, because the company was not ready yet to unveil its cards to consumers and competitors alike.Credit: Concept CreatorCredit: Concept CreatorTechnologically, there’s no reason for Samsung to release such a bulky package. A phone like the amazing Nubia X packs two OLED screens on each side and it is thinner and lighter than most of the one-display flagships, from Huawei, Apple, and Samsung itself. And remember that the flexible OLED is as thin as any regular OLED panel. I wouldn’t expect each of the panels to be any thicker than any of the current flagships.

And finally, let’s remember that the Korean company is aiming at selling at least one million units across 120 countries. Not just a few thousand phones for developers, but at least one million units. And there is no way that they will sell so many units of a rough plastic box like the one showed in San Francisco.

The final Galaxy F will not be the ultrathin foldable phone of your dreams, but it will be for sure be a polished unit much closer to this rendering than the disguised lump we saw at Samsujng's conference.