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Smart Mattress Will Out Your Lying, Cheating Spouse

If you suspect that your significant other is bringing others into your bedroom, you could have an adult conversation about it or seek couple's counseling. Alternatively, you can buy a $1,700 smart mattress called the Smartress that will tell you when your partner is having sex with someone that isn't you.

Credit: BlueSkyImage/Shutterstock

(Image credit: BlueSkyImage/Shutterstock)

Smartress is the invention of Durmet, a Spanish mattress company that was inspired by the fact that Madrid has the highest number of cheating spouses in Europe. It features 24 sensors within the springs, which the company calls the "Lover Detection System."

These sensors know which areas of the mattress are receiving pressure and make a 3D map of the bed. These maps are shared via a smartphone app to tell you about impacts per minute, frequency, time of use, duration, speed and other data. It will send the alert when it detects what it considers suspicious movement. 

“You can’t imagine the tests we have done to make sure the system works correctly,” Durmet said in a press release.

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While the mattress doesn't look any different from your usual bed, it does feature the Smartress name on the side. If your lover (or soon to be former lover, or their lover) recognizes the moniker, you may have some explaining to do. The company says the bed is as comfortable as any other mattress, whether you're sleeping or your loved one is loving someone else.

Those chomping at the bit to catch an unfaithful partner in the act will have to be patient. You can't simply put in a credit card number and buy one. Instead, potential customers need to fill out a form with some basic information and wait for Durmet to get in touch. (Pricing has not be released yet, but is rumored to be more than $2,000.)

Finally, the mattress has to be shipped from Spain to your home, where you can finally set it up and prove that your partner is a lying, cheating scoundrel and that your friends were always right about them.

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