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Auton Dream Machine Makes Your Bed Even Better

Auton specializes in TV lifts, motorized support assemblies that let users tuck away their boob tubes, James Bond style. The company's latest creation—aptly named the Dream Machine—will appeal to bed-lovers.

The entire assembly (31" x 71" x 9") goes underneath the bed, sliding out to orient the TV at the foot of the bed. It's strong enough to move around up to 120 pounds of gadgetry, but no information on the max display size was available. The system is designed for easy installation on your typical bedframe (maybe the maximum is whatever fits under the bed?).

The Dream Machine could be perfect for the couple who likes ending the day with their favorite shows, the bedridden, or those who like their porn collection on demand. The potential setups are endless: hooking up a computer, gaming console, or media players to the display would make the bed literally the center of your universe.

Such amenity doesn't come cheap though. Prices range from $14,000 for the lowest-end DM70 to $23,000 for the DM120S. Definitely beyond the budget of the average joe, so if you know any cheap DIY alternatives, feel free to share below.

Auton Dream Machine

  • footsoldier
    Cheap alternatives? I got one, stop being lazy and get up from the bed!! With that said, its still something i'd wan to relax myself..but this is one overpriced ^$@#^%@$%
  • fishyfish
    For all those pr0n lovers they should couple it with another, smaller motorized arm holding a box of 'man size tissues'.
  • kriswitak
    I'm sure someone with a background in simple pulleys could come up with something simple that you could rig up under the bed. It could be motorized or not. Complex yes, but for 14k I'm sure I could find the time to figure something out.
  • babybeluga
    What an ugly, POS TV...
  • cj_online
    great.... here comes a 60% increase in obesity rates in the near future....
  • ukgooey
    I like this. It's cool. However, as has already been mentioned, I could make something like this myself for substantially less. And if I fire my gimp, I'll have the room under the bed I need.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Just a toy for the rich and famous.
  • Pei-chen
    What, 120lb isn't enough to move most lies-on-their-bed-all-day fat-American up, this thing is useless.

    Wait, you're taking about moving the TV; I guess that solved the move fat people problem.
  • dataDINK
    I would love to have this. Too expensive, I'd probably buy a car before I buy this, though. A car keeps me more entertained.
  • longshotthe1st
    What's wrong with a regular tv and tv stand? I don't see the purpose for this. To save a little space? In a bedroom? Mount your tv on the wall then.