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1 in 10 American Smartphone Subscribers Owns an iPhone

According to Comscore, 10.8 percent of U.S. mobile phone users are using an iPhone, while 13.6 percent have a Motorola phone, 20.6 percent a LG phone and 25.5 percent a Samsung device. Apple, however, is the only top 5 brand whose market share is growing.

In the smartphone segment alone, Apple now owns 28.1 percent (+1 point) of the market and Google 46.3 percent (+4.4 points). (-4.5 points to 17.2 percent) is still on a path of sharp decline, Microsoft (-0.3 points to 5.4 percent) cannot gain traction and Symbian (1.6 percent) has become virtually meaningless in this space.

According to Comscore, 90 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the third quarter of the year, up 10 percent from Q2. The entire mobile phone user base with users age 13 and older was 234 million.