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This iPhone 8 Design Is an Instant Classic

What's old is new again, which makes sense for an iPhone 8 concept. After all, the iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Will Apple combine cutting edge tech with a retro look?

One designer has mixed old and new in a very cool way.

The latest iPhone 8 concept comes from designer Martin Hajek, who provided his 3D renderings to German site Computer Bild.

This iPhone 8 concept harkens back to the original iPhone. Credit: Martin Hajek

(Image credit: This iPhone 8 concept harkens back to the original iPhone. Credit: Martin Hajek)

First up, Hajek starts with the device's face. It shows a big screen that eliminates the bottom bezel and home button and offers a virtual home button, as several iPhone 8 rumors and reports have suggested.

Interestingly, Hajek's screen rendering doesn't have curved edges. Instead, he suspects Apple could be working on a flat or nearly flat OLED display, like the modest curve you'd find in the iPhone 7. But recent reports suggest Apple has indeed ordered 70 million "bendable OLED" screens from Samsung for the new iPhone.

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On the left side of the device, you'll find areas to adjust volume and lock the handset, and Hajek's rendering nixes the headphone jack like the iPhone 7. On the back, you'll find a dual-lens camera and flash.

It's on the back in Hajek's rendering where things get interesting.

Credit: Martin Hajek

(Image credit: Martin Hajek)

The rear panel comes with a black strip at the bottom, an homage to old-school iPhones that had the same feature. Hajek's decision appears to be a nod to recent rumors, suggesting Apple could be planning to deliver a design that strikes of early iPhones. Some reports have suggested that Apple may return to a design that's glass and steel.

Of course, Hajek's rendering is just a guess at what Apple might have planned. Most of the recent rumors suggest Apple could offer an all-glass design featuring a big screen that entirely covers the handset's face. It might also eliminate the physical home button and rely on a virtual Touch ID fingerprint sensor baked into the screen.

Look for Apple to announce the new iPhone alongside modest upgrades to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus later this year, but it's possible the iPhone 8 might not ship until after September.

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