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I'm Lovin It: iPhone 8 Render Shows Up in McDonald's Ad

Want fries with that leak? Apple might be unwilling to talk about its future iPhone plans, but McDonald's might have just spoiled one of its surprises.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin)

Serial leaker Benjamin Geskin discovered a GIF, ostensibly created by McDonald's, that showcases how its ordering app works on the new iPhone 8. It's impossible to know for sure whether the app was really designed by McDonald's and how it leaked online, but if it's the real deal, Apple won't be happy.

According to Geskin, McDonald's sent the GIF in an email. It runs you through the process of finding your food, applying offers, and placing your order. But rather than showcase it on an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, McDonald's instead bundled it with an Apple device that hasn't yet hit store shelves. And that device just so happens to look like the iPhone 8 renders we've been seeing for months.

The device in question has a screen that nearly spills off the sides and small bezels all around. There's also a small area that juts out at the top of the display, where an earpiece and front-facing camera live. On the right side, you'll find the lock button, and on the left, a silence switch and volume buttons.

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Although there's no brand on the device, it's clear that the product is a rendering of Apple's rumored iPhone 8. In fact, a slew of recent leaks have shown iPhone 8 concepts that look identical to the smartphone in the GIF.

What's unclear, though, is why and how McDonald's offered up the device rendering. According to Geskin, the rendering is identical to one he published weeks ago, and he wonders whether McDonald's simply used his rendering for this. It's also possible that McDonald's previous saw the iPhone 8 and is preparing its marketing materials for its eventual launch.

Of course, neither Apple nor McDonald's will say for sure what happened here, so it should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. But the fact that a major brand has put out an image of an unannounced iPhone is notable. And it suggests all those renderings we've been seeing of late might be the real thing.

Look for Apple to announce the iPhone 8 at a press event next month. The smartphone could hit store shelves soon after or might need until October or November to be released.