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How Smartphone Users See Each Other

C-Section Comics recently published a humorous look at iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users, featuring how each segment of the smartphone user market perceives each other. Here it is (click on the image to view the full-size version):

For those who can’t see the image above: the typical iPhone user sees herself as hip, Blackberry users see her as a baby, and Android users consider her as part of Steve Jobs’ death squad. The typical Android user thinks he’s a genius. But iPhone users see him as a nerd, while Blackberry users as a loser in a dead-end job. Typical Blackberry users consider themselves as big-deal businessmen, but are seen as old fogeys by iPhone users, and dinosaurs by Android users.

Are these stereotypes accurate? From my personal experience, not necessarily so. But I do know that a lot of people do subscribe to them.


  • jomofro39
    I think it can be reasonably assumed, that stereotypes are great.
  • g00fysmiley
    i'd say they seem pretty accurate... wondering where us palm users fall into the chart >_
  • Trueno07
    Dinosaur made me laugh, that was funny.
  • batman4u
    ive had a Blackberry and hated it for being such a Low Tech Device and sold it by the Second Week it was in my hands

    Owned a Android Droid, and Was Ok and works Great specially on Multitask, but the Bad Updates and basically that they depend on Both The Manufacturer and your Carrier, so I decided To Sell that Piece of junk on my 4th Month

    I now Own My second Iphone, an iphone 4 and what it lacks here is a Good Multitasking function, but once Jailbreaked You start Tweaking Everything And Blows BB and ANDROID away By Far
  • kewlx
    CULT CULT! batman4u is cult! lol jk man but everyone has their preference
  • abswindows7
  • Cyex
    I wonder how iphone4 users see my iphone 1 :) Time to upgrade; waiting for a bumper-free v5.
  • Laughed and rolled out of my bed.Steve Job dead pic was spot on.
  • victorintelr
    Love the iPhone Death Preacher with his collar with the apple!! ROFL
  • apoq
    Maybe I'm nitpicking, but the whole things looks horribly kitschy drawn and the idea of doing this is not new. That makes a failed attempt at humor, in my book. Look at the chart of how programmers see each other based on the programming language they use (here). Now, isn't it so much better?