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YouTube Celebrates the VCR with VHS Mode for Videos

"Not too long ago, the video tape was the media of choice for living rooms around the world. In celebration of the 57th birthday of the first commercial video cassette recorder, check out a fun VHS mode for the YouTube player to relive the magic feel of vintage video tapes," the post reads.

"On select videos, you'll find a VHS button in the bottom right of the player--just click to turn back the clock and enjoy the static and fuzzy motion of the VHS era."

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  • bigpinkdragon286
    This is as useful as Google doodles. At least it's not mandatory. :-)
  • Spooderman
    I don't know about you, but I really never had any of those issues with the screen randomly tearing and fuzzing with my VHS tapes. Still, a cool feature to add for fun.
  • chicofehr
    I remember my parents spending $800 on a one of the first VCR with stereo sound and had super fast rewind. Too bad our TV only had one speaker. I remember the click-click-click when we changed the channel. No remote on it.
  • aoneone
    Lowdope! ^_^
  • Non-Euclidean
    Awesome, all they have to do now, is add a Macrovision feature for anything that gets DMCA takedown notices.
  • bustapr
    I never really had any of those problems with my old vcr. as a kid I never really noticed the transition between vcr and dvd either on my old crt in terms of video quality. mustve been a good vcr if people have more memories of crap tearing quality than clear image.
  • Thunderfox
    Analog TV and giant VHS tapes and distorted pictures from both... people in the digital 500 channel DVR / DVD / Netflix era will never know about all this stuff... kinda sad really. There is something special about finally getting a good picture after fighting with an antenna for 10 minutes, and then recording something which you may not be able to see again otherwise for years.
  • tim1935
    Yay! An option to make everything look crappy.