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This Week's Top 10 BitTorrent Movies

TorrentFreak has listed this week's top ten most downloaded movies on BitTorrent. Given that the MPAA, RIAA and other agencies are casing the torrent scene with their vicious legal hounds, it's surprising to see copyrighted material still hitting the network. Apparently torrent uploaders are unfazed by the legal threat, providing the latest movies like James Cameron's Avatar and Sherlock Holmes for your downloading pleasure.

The angel-infested movie Legion tops this week's top ten BitTorrent list, followed by Edge of Darkness, both of which are newcomers to the top ten list. Old Dogs and Tooth Fairy also make their debut while Avatar and Sherlock Holmes finally fall out of the list's top three.

As TorrentFreak states, the top ten torrent list is for informational and educational purposes only. However, despite showing what downloaders are watching, the list also offers a quick glance at the overall ratings. Avatar is the real winner in the eyes of critics, followed by The Hurt Locker and Sherlock Holmes.

Here's this week's top 10 torrent movies, provided by TorrentFreak:

1.   Legion
2.   Edge of Darkness
3.   Old Dogs
4.   Sherlock Holmes
5.   Avatar
6.   Couples Retreat
7.   The Hurt Locker
8.   Tooth Fairy
9.   Daybreakers
10.  Agora

  • gekko668
    Go pirateers! way to stick it up MPAA.
  • rpmrush
    I love this. So in your face. I won't admit to which ones I have.
  • Abrahm
    I can't believe Legion is number one. There are probably a lot of disappointed pirates out there, that movie was horrible, not even worth the bandwidth.
  • michaelahess
    So you're saying Avatar really didn't need to cost as much as it did in the 3D theaters? If it was less, they'd still have made more than enough to pay for EVERYTHING in the world, and there would have been even less illegal downloads. When will the MPAA start waking up? Obviously torrents aren't hurting their pocket books as much as they say, course when you make more than you deserve (or can spend), having a bit more is mandatory right?
  • brendano257
    I suppose I'll work my way down from the top and get whatever looks good. :)
  • wild9
    I fondly remember the days of watching the A-Team or Knightrider on a Saturday afternoon. Weekend TV was awesome back then..and by our side we had a bag of chips, mushy peas and a can o' pop for £1.78.

    These days..I wouldn't bother with half the sludge Hollywood releases, even if it was available on torrent. It's crap.
  • bison88
    AbrahmI can't believe Legion is number one. There are probably a lot of disappointed pirates out there, that movie was horrible, not even worth the bandwidth.

    Agreed. A classic example of Hollywood making the previews to look amazing and it was nothing of the sort.
  • scione
    I actually want to see Sherlock Holmes now...
  • Cons29
    i saw the preview in the movie house,cant remember what movie i was there for. but i really thought it was a good one, but then i went out of the country, when i came back i heard a lot of bad things.

    is it really that bad? thought the battle at least was good, based on the preview of course :)
  • delayedreaction
    Unsurprising list. Quite a few "high-rankers and sigh-crankers" on there