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Man in Apple Store Pulls Handgun on iPhone

iPhones can be really, really frustrating. For two years I insisted they were the work of the devil. Then I sort of wanted one (yes, turncoat, I know) and a few months later I bought one. Now? Two months later and I want a Blackberry or something with a battery that doesn't depend on my turning off 3G and WiFi to last the day. That said, no matter how frustrated I get, I have never come close to threatening to give it a once over with a 9mm.

Donald Goodrich entered the Kenwood Mall Apple store in Cincinnati and demanded someone fix his iPhone, declaring, "I'm so mad I could pop a 9mm at it!" When the employee told Goodrich there was no need for that, Goodrich said, "Look, I'll do it right now!" and showed her the black 9mm handgun inside his jacket.

WCPO reports that the girl walked Goodrich over to a technician and then notified her manager who called the police. While Goorich had a concealed weapon permit, he is charged with aggravated menacing and according to WCPO, faces a carrying concealed weapons charge for failing to inform the deputy he had a gun.