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Awesome Moto G6 Now $40 Off for Prime Day

The Moto G6 is a solid budget phone capable of delivering the performance you need. Now imagine it with built-in Alexa and more storage.

That's precisely what Amazon is offering Prime subscribers as part of the retailer's Prime Day festivities. With a prime membership, you can grab a 64GB Moto G6 for $259.99. The phone normally costs $299.99.

Moto G6 (64GB)View Deal

To put the savings in perspective, Moto's G6 typically comes with 32GB of onboard storage and a $249 price tag. That means Prime members will be able to double their storage by paying just $10 more.

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We think the Moto G6 is the best unlocked phone available for less than $250. (Again, that's the 32GB version.) It runs on a dependable Snapdragon 450 processor, and it can work on both GSM and CDMA networks, so you can use it with an carrier you like. (Many unlocked smartphones typically work with just GSM networks like the ones for AT&T and T-Mobile, so Moto's phone gives you added flexibility.)

When we reviewed the Moto G6, we particularly liked the intuitive take on Android Oreo. The G6 offers one-button navigation and gesture-based controls. This Prime version of the phone adds the Amazon Alexa app along with other built-in tools like Amazon Shopping and Amazon Widget — handy if you're a Prime member who spends a lot of time in Amazon's ecosystem.

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