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Get the 1byOne 25-Mile Range HDTV Antenna for Just $7

Buying an HDTV antenna is one of the best investments a cord cutter can make.

With a good antenna, you can get access to live HDTV broadcasts without having to pay a monthly fee for service.

1byOne HDTV Antenna 25-Mile RangeView Deal

1byOne is popular among antenna makers and their 25-Mile Range HDTV Antenna is currently selling for $7.49 at Amazon via coupon code "ACU6ZNLA".

That's $17 off its list price and one of the cheapest antennas we've seen in recent months.

The antenna's 25-mile range means it can receive signals from broadcast towers located within a 25-mile range of your house. If you live within close distance to a tower, this shouldn't be a problem. If you're uncertain, sites like Antenna Direct can help you locate your nearest tower simply by entering your zip code.

To give you an idea of how many channels you may get, we tested the 50-Mile 1byOne Antenna from an apartment in New York City and were able to get 46 watchable channels, including major affiliates like CBS, NBC, FOX, and Univision.

So while your mileage may vary based upon where you live, at the very least you should have your basic networks available in high-def.

The 25-mile range antenna ships with a 10-foot coaxial cable, adhesive mounting stickers, and a 12-month warranty.