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T-Mobile Slashes $200 Off iPhone X (But There's a Catch)

The iPhone X is one of the hottest smartphones on the market and T-Mobile is doing everything it can to make the $999 price tag on Apple's phone a little less jaw-dropping.

Cash BackView Deal

Starting Friday, February 23, T-Mobile will give customers who trade-in an existing phone a $200 credit when they buy an iPhone X. The $200 credit comes in the form of a prepaid MasterCard and is in addition to the value of your trade-in device. (You can find out the value of your old smartphone using T-Mobile's trade-in calculator).

Note that the trade-in value comes either in the form of a store credit (if you trade in your phone in person) or a bill credit (if you mail in the phone to T-Mobile). T-Mobile's $200 offer also extends to the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, though it's the chance to knock some money off the iPhone X's lofty price tag that holds the biggest appeal.

The offer also stacks with T-Mobile's current sale, which gives you a free line of service when you add a new line to your existing T-Mobile One family plan. (You pay for three lines and get the fourth line free).

Carriers don't always offer the best best trade-in credits for your old phone, so T-Mobile's $200 bonus goes a long way to sweeten the pot for potential iPhone X customers. For instance, a 32GB iPhone 7 will fetch you $122 on T-Mobile (before the $200 credit), whereas the same phone will get you $285 on Apple or $235 via Gazelle. However, factor in T-Mobile's $200 credit and you'll get $322 for your old iPhone 7, which beats both Apple's and Gazelle's prices.

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It's one of T-Mobile's best iPhone X deals, provided you have an old phone you're willing to part with. There's no expiration date, but better to jump on this offer sooner rather than later.