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Best Sprint Black Friday Deals: Free iPhone XR and More

Sprint is hoping that freebies convince you to add the carrier to your Black Friday shopping list, offering a free smart TV if you buy LG's latest flagship or a free iPhone XR when you lease another phone from the wireless carrier.

iPhone XR (Credit: Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: iPhone XR (Credit: Tom's Guide))

One of the more noteworthy throw-ins from Sprint comes when you lease an LG V40 ThinQ smartphone. An 18-month Sprint Flex lease for that 6.4-inch phone will cost you $20 a month for 18 months. Along with the phone, Sprint will include a 49-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV from LG. That set normally costs $499.

The V40 features five cameras — three on the back and two up front. And while it's not among our favorite camera phones, we do appreciate the AI-powered smarts in LG's phones as well as the V40's beautiful display.

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If you've been eyeing the V40, here's a chance to lease one while getting yourself a new TV as part of the deal, though you will have to open a new line at Sprint. That deal goes into effect on Wednesday (Nov. 21), and Sprint warns that supplies are limited.

Sprint iPhone deals

iPhone fans may find something appealing this week at Sprint, too. When you lease any iPhone from Sprint — that includes the new iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR in addition to last year's iPhone X — you can get an iPhone XR for free after a monthly bill credit.

You'll have to pay the full lease amount on the first phone. Spread out over 18 months, that's $41.67 a month for the iPhone XS, $45.84 for the iPhone XS Max, $31.25 for the iPhone XR and $37.50 for the iPhone X. If you'd prefer a different iPhone model for your second phone, you can use the $31.25 bill credit to lower your monthly payment on that other device. That deal is already live.

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If you don't need the latest iPhone, Sprint has a similar offer for a free iPhone 8 when you lease another 8 or 8 Plus. An 18-month Sprint Flex lease costs $25 a month for the iPhone 8 and $29.17 for the iPhone 8 Plus. You get a $25 monthly credit for your second phone.

All of Sprints lease-one-get-one-free-offers requires you to open at least one new line with the wireless carrier.

Sprint Samsung Deals

Galaxy fans won't get free phones as part of Sprint's holiday offers, but starting Thursday, they will be able to pay less for Samsung's newest phones. Sprint is cutting the monthly lease price on a Galaxy S9 to $5 and on the Galaxy S9+ to $10. Normally, you lease those phones from Sprint for 18 monthly payments of $33 and $38, respectively.

The Galaxy Note 9 is getting a lower Sprint Flex price, too. You would normally pay $41.67 a month for Samsung's 6.4-inch phablet, but on Thursday, Sprint will lower that lease payment to $20.

You need to open a new line of service at Sprint to qualify for the lower payments. You'll get the discount in the form of monthly bill credits during your lease period.

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