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Netflix Testing Half-Price, Mobile-Only Pricing (But There's a Catch)

We all want to spend less on subscriptions, but would you only watch Netflix on your mobile device to save that money? Reports show that Netflix is currently testing such an option, with a discount of about half of the monthly bill.

Credit: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

(Image credit: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

The details come from Malaysian news site The Star, which reported that a new mobile-only option is now offered in that country, for 17 Ringgits (about $4 US) per month, a nearly-half-off discount from the basic tier, which costs 33 Ringits (approximately $7.90 US) per month.

A Netflix spokesperson told TechCrunch that this is one of the test runs that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told Bloomberg about earlier this month. While these tests are meant to help Netflix gain ground in Malaysia, there's little reason to doubt the service will try something similar in the US if the trail becomes a smashing success.

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A mobile-only Netflix means that your picture size will take a huge hit, but that's not the only caveat. There's no HD picture quality offered. Yes, a screenshot of the signup page shared by The Star shows that HD rates are limited to the Standard and Premium tier.

So even though you've got a super-high res phone screen, you'd be streaming Stranger Things in a fuzzier tone, which is a sight even scarier than getting stuck in The Upside Down.

Of course, anyone who's had to deal with capped unlimited mobile bandwidth, which slows your streaming speeds once you've used a certain amount of data, is more than familiar with the limits of mobile data connections.

  • syazneeidris
    They have to if they want to compete with streaming services such as tonton, iflix, viu etc here in Malaysia which offers their services for less than RM10 (~USD2.50) a month.