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LG Launching New Phone This Month, But It's Not What You Think

Samsung won't be the only major handset maker to unveil a big update at Mobile World Congress later this month.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

LG South Africa's managing director CY Kim told GearBurn recently that LG will be announcing a new version of its V30 smartphone at Mobile World Congress. Kim, whose comments were earlier reported on by Android Headlines, didn't shed much light on what might come to the V30 this year.

LG has been keeping its plans for a new V30 close to the vest. However, a report last month said that a refreshed V30 would come with "advanced AI tech" that would apparently have the ability to understand what you'd want to do with the smartphone and respond accordingly.

According to GearBurn, the device will likely keep the same design that LG delivered in last year's V30. It would also likely keep the same specs, including the Snapdragon 835 processor, thin bezels, and a screen that nearly entirely covers its face. However, it could ship with a new name: LG V30+a.

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In our review of the LG V30, we called it a near masterpiece for multimedia producers, thanks to the phone's advanced video capabilities and immersive display. However, the battery life was well below average.

There had been some hope that LG would announce its flagship G7 at Mobile World Congress. However, it was reported last month that LG had decided to delay it to revamp the smartphone. According to Android Headlines, Kim confirmed that this week and said it wouldn't make its way to Mobile World Congress.

Kim didn't say when LG might announce the G7, but did acknowledge that it will be "a little late." 

If and when the G7 hits store shelves, it'll likely come with even thinner bezels than the V30. It could also run on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor—the same chip that's expected to come to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

LG's Kim didn't say when his company would unveil the new V30. Samsung, however, is planning to unveil the Galaxy S9 line on Feb. 25.

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