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Act Fast: Refurbished iPhone X Just $769 Right Now

When Apple released the iPhone XS last fall, the company did something it typically doesn’t: It discontinued its previous generation iPhone, the iPhone X, just one year removed from its launch.

Well, if you missed the original Face ID and Animoji handset, you’ve now got a chance to grab one from Apple again, as the company today (Feb 4) put a limited inventory of refurbished models up for sale on its site.

The prices for the reemerged and Apple Certified Refurbished X are $769 for the 64GB storage version and $899 for the 256GB (listings spotted by MacRumors), which works out to a savings of $230 and $250, respectively, from the phone’s 2017 launch price.

Reports from last year indicated that Apple was restarting manufacturing on the iPhone X, but any new units made will likely be sold internationally. And though backstock of the X has been available through third-party retailers and wireless service providers, this new inventory of refurbished X handsets is the first time Apple has sold the phone directly since the iPhone XS came out.

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Apple says its Certified Refurbished devices, which are typically returned to the manufacturer because of defects, are repaired to “like new” status and are sold with a one-year warranty. With its refurbished iPhones, the Apple also swaps in a fresh battery and replaces its casing with an untouched, pristine replacement.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Even if the iPhone X was your favorite iPhone of all time back when it launched (we certainly gave it a great review), and the iPhone XS didn’t move the needle enough for you to want to upgrade, that doesn’t mean the X is still best iPhone you can buy right now — even at this discounted price.

The iPhone XR, which came out one year after the X, starts at a less expensive $749, has the same faster processor found in the XS and comes with a bigger 6.1-inch screen to the 5.8-inch on the X and XS. And even though the iPhone XS comes in three colors (Silver, Space Gray and Gold) to the iPhone X’s two (Silver and Space Gray), the iPhone XR comes in a more impressive six colors (Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Coral).

But, if the heart wants what the heart wants, now is your chance to grab an iPhone X directly from Apple at a discount. Though you better hurry, as this phone was a lot of people’s favorite and Apple’s Certified Refurbished supplies could run out soon.