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Here's the Most Stunning iPhone 8 Video Yet

A slew of renders have surfaced in recent months purporting to show the iPhone 8. But few have looked even half as good as this one.

The folks over at ConceptsiPhone this week published a video to YouTube showcasing the iPhone 8 they've imagined based on the rumors surrounding Apple's upcoming handset. The video shows the iPhone 8 from all sides, examines how the screen might look, and includes many of the details we've been seeing in leaks.

Credit: Screengrab by ConceptsiPhone

(Image credit: Screengrab by ConceptsiPhone)

The video kicks off with the iPhone 8 rotating around for a quick view of the device. It has a sleek finish on the back, as well as a vertically aligned dual-lens camera. Of note, there's no hole on the back for a fingerprint sensor. A new Slashleaks leak suggests Apple is moving to the feature instead of a virtual sensor, but we hope that's not the case.

As the rendered iPhone 8 swings around, we see a device with a screen that extends to the bottom of its design. However, unlike many of the leaks, the iPhone 8 in the ConceptsiPhone render doesn't have a screen that extends all the way to the top. Instead, it appears to have a rather thick bezel above the screen.

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Beyond that, ConceptsiPhone takes some other liberties with its concept. For one, it suggests the iPhone 8 will have dynamic volume buttons on the side. The device also appears to lack physical buttons around its spine, which is unlikely.

Still, the design has two speaker grilles instead of making room for a headphone jack, and it has a Lightning port on the bottom for charging and connecting to accessories.

In total, the video lasts 1 minute and 11 seconds. However, the second half of it isn't worth watching. It shows an imaginary iPhone 8 hands-on with a device that doesn't exist, and it envisages you using the iPhone in dramatically different ways due to its revamped design.

Apple is expected to announce the real iPhone 8 in September. Exactly when it will hit store shelves is up for debate, though most reports say it should be available between September and November.