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The Most Exciting iPhone 8 Feature Is Now in Doubt

If the iPhone 8 doesn't wind up being as awesome as it could be, you can probably blame...Samsung? According to Bloomberg, Apple's main rival is the sole supplier for OLED displays for its 10th anniversary iPhones, but there might only be enough panels to go around for a single model.

The report says that Samsung may not be able to make enough OLED displays, due to "low yield rates combined with increasing iPhone demand."

Credit: Venjamin Geskin/YouTube

(Image credit: Venjamin Geskin/YouTube)

There are three other large producers of OLED screens, including LG Display, Sharp Corp. and Japan Display, but Apple has reportedly signed an exclusivity agreement with Samsung through the end of next year. And even though that agreement calls for 100 million units over the long haul, Samsung will be challenged to meet demand during Apple's critical holiday quarter.

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Bloomberg even floats the possibility that Apple may be forced to push back adoption of OLED for a whole other year, but the more likely scenario that just one iPhone 8 model will offer the tech, presumably one larger than 5 inches.

The iPhone 8 with the OLED display will reportedly sport a new design with glass that extends not only to the edges but to the back. And, as previously rumored, this iPhone will also offer a Home button embedded into the screen along with Touch ID.

OLED screens have other advantages other than enabling curved designs. They offer richer colors, better contrast and black levels, and wider viewing angles. Plus, OLED tends to use less power than traditional LCDs, which can save on battery life.

If all this comes to pass, perhaps Apple could call the OLED iPhone the iPhone 8 and the non-OLED handset iPhone 7.5.