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Here's Your Best Look Yet at the iPhone 8

The first dummy units of the upcoming iPhone 8 have started to surface, and if you're not already clamoring for Apple's 10th-anniversary smartphone, you probably will be now.

The most striking thing about the iPhone 8 design, as seen in this Marques Brownlee video, is the nearly borderless display. Apple seems to have finally ditched the chunky top and bottom bezels of previous iPhones in favor of an edge-to-edge display that provides roughly the same amount of screen as the iPhone 7 Plus in a much smaller package.

The only thing that's a bit jarring is the small module at the top, which houses the phone's front-facing camera and speaker. This little bump matches the iPhone outline found in the leaked HomePod firmware, which leads us to believe that it's most likely legitimate.

Display aside, this prototype mostly matches up with the more notable iPhone 8 rumors we've heard so far. There's a vertically-oriented dual-lens iSight camera that has a pretty big bump, a roughly 5.7-inch display and a glass back that could allow for wireless charging. Brownlee points out that the iPhone 8's power button is bigger than that of previous models.

One thing that the iPhone 8 probably won't have is TouchID. Both Brownlee and YouTuber Danny Winget speculate that the new iPhone will ditch the fingerprint reader in favor of Apple's new face-scanning technology, which could let you log in simply by looking at your phone. Winget put the iPhone 8 head-to-head with the recently leaked iPhone 7s, and noted that the 7s might be a better choice for folks who don't want to have to get used to a bunch of new features.

Are these dummy units legit? We should know for sure in just a few weeks when Apple holds its annual iPhone reveal in early September.

  • Brad_53
    I'm needing to upgrade as my iPhone 6 Plus is showing its age with poor performance, so as long as Apple doesn't charge too much for the 8, I am in. I really want to stay in the ecosystem but don't try charging me much more than the phones have cost up to this point.
  • Ron_101
    Still tired looking icons and screen.