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Why Galaxy S9's Design Might Disappoint

Samsung's planning a big new release in the first part of 2018. But that release — the Galaxy S9 — might disappoint those seeking a dramatically new design.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

In a recent tweet, serial leaker Evan Blass said that Samsung isn't planning a big redesign for its Galaxy S9 and will instead deliver only a minor update. Blass, whose comments were earlier reported on by SamMobile, will instead offer a better processor and improved placement of its rear-facing fingerprint sensor. Samsung is also expected to deliver a dual-lens camera in the device, according to Blass.

Blass' comments are perhaps no surprise to those who have been following the latest Galaxy S9 rumors. Samsung may reduce the size of its Galaxy S9 bezel around the screen, but keep the Infinity Display and the general design. Samsung will, however, place the fingerprint sensor below the dual-lens camera towards the middle of the rear panel, according to reports. And the dual camera will likely be vertically aligned rather than horizontally aligned.

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Some reports have said Samsung is planning a 3D face scanner like the Face ID component in the iPhone X. But other rumors suggest that's not actually happening, and that the company will stick with the 2D variant it has in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

For its part, Samsung has hinted that software could be the new killer feature in the Galaxy S9. And on Tuesday, another leaker, Ice Universe, posted an image to Twitter showing Samsung discussing a new operating system called the Galaxy Ai UX. It's believed that operating system will debut on the Galaxy S9 and focus far more on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It should also make accessing apps and other information much easier.

As of this writing, Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S9 and its larger Galaxy S9+ in late February around the time of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung will then deliver the handset to store shelves sometime in March, according to most reports. Pricing will likely be about the same as this year's models.