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Galaxy S9+ Benchmark Leak Shows Serious Power

If the latest Geekbench leak is any indication, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9+ should deliver far better performance than the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8.

Credit: Mobile Fun

(Image credit: Mobile Fun)

A Samsung handset with the model number SM-G965U1 was recently tested in both single-core and multi-core modes using Geekbench's benchmarking technology. The device in question was running on Android 8.0 Oreo and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. While we can't say for sure that it was the Galaxy S9+, all of the markings are there, including the rumored model number for the device. 

Regardless, the Geekbench score, which was earlier reported on by SamMobile, suggests Samsung's handset will hold up well. On single-core testing, the handset achieved a score of 2,422 and on multi-core testing, it tallied a score of 8,351.

Credit: Geekbench via SamMobile

(Image credit: Geekbench via SamMobile)

To put that into perspective, the top-performing single-core Android phone that's currently on the market is Samsung's Galaxy Note 8. That handset, which comes with the Snapdragon 835, hit a score of 1,960. It's followed by the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which tallied scores of 1,956 and 1,946, respectively.

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On multi-core performance, the Galaxy Note 8 took the top spot with a score of 6,472. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ trailed with scores of 6,433 and 6,427, respectively.

But while the Galaxy S9+ will easily outpace previous releases from Samsung and other Android device makers, Apple's iPhone 8 is still by far the market leader. That handset, which was released earlier this year, scored 4,216 on single-core benchmarks, matching the same score for the iPhone 8 Plus. On multi-core testing, the iPhone 8 Plus was tops with a score of 10,168. The iPhone X took the second spot with a score of 10,111.

In other words, as powerful as the Galaxy S9 line and Snapdragon 845 might be, their performance will pale in comparison to what you're already getting on Apple's latest iPhones. And there's a good chance that whatever Apple delivers next year will only help it extend its lead.

Samsung is expected to announce its Galaxy S9 line in February. The devices should hit store shelves in March.

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