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A Samsung First Is Coming to the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung hasn't yet announced the new Galaxy Note 8's camera, but that hasn't stopped countless rumors from speculating on what it might offer. But now, one report says it's a done deal.

Credit: Olixar/Forbes

(Image credit: Olixar/Forbes)

The latest leaks suggest Samsung is planning a dual-camera array in the Galaxy Note 8 it will release next month. Pointing to some recent rendering leaks, Forbes is reporting that Samsung will utilize a horizontal arrangement for the two cameras. An LED flash will sit to the right of those cameras, and a fingerprint sensor will round it out to the right of the flash.

Additionally, Forbes is reporting that Samsung is expected to offer optical image stabilization in both the Galaxy Note 8's lenses. One of those cameras will also come with a telephoto lens that will deliver up to 3x optical zoom. According to Forbes, Samsung will utilize software to create a bokeh effect, which puts the subject of the image in focus and blurs the background.

Samsung has been rumored for weeks to be working on a new camera technology for its Galaxy Note 8. And most of those reports have suggested that Samsung's device would ship with a dual-camera array.

However, there has been some debate over whether Samsung would opt for a vertical or horizontal alignment with the cameras. And there is some debate over whether a vertical alignment or horizontal alignment can deliver better visuals during a picture.

Interestingly, Samsung's arch competitor Apple is said to be planning both alignments this year. The iPhone 7s Plus could ship with horizontally aligned dual rear cameras, while the long-rumored iPhone 8 could have a vertical alignment.

Still, we won't need to wait long for Samsung's new cameras. The company is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 at a press event next month. it might hit store shelves soon thereafter.

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