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Here's the Best S9 Launch Day Deal

It's launch day for Samsung's Galaxy S9/S9+, with the new phones now arriving in stores, and Walmart is stealing everyone's thunder with an unprecedented deal that trumps every pre-order deal we've seen thus far. It requires you to trek to a physical store, but the savings are immense.

Galaxy S9View Deal

For a limited time, Walmart is taking $150 off the MSRP of the S9/S9+ when you buy either phone with an installment agreement from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. After Walmart's discount, you'll pay $639 for the S9 or $764 for the S9+.

Here's where things go from good to amazing. Through March 31, AT&T is taking 50 percent off the price of the S9 when purchased via AT&T's Next installment plan. AT&T's discount is the only one that stacks with Walmart's $150 off discount.

So if you purchase an S9 in-store at Walmart and sign up for AT&T Next 30, after combined discounts your S9 will come out to $319.50. Under AT&T's Next 30 plan that means you'll pay about $10.65 per month for 30 months. That's hands-down the best launch day deal we've seen for any major smartphone.

If you want an S9+, AT&T will credit you $395, so combined with Walmart's $150 off discount, you'll pay $369 or $12.30 per month for 30 months with AT&T Next 30. 

AT&T's 50 percent off promo is valid through the end of the month, but Walmart's has no expiration date. That said, it probably won't last too long, so better get those savings while you can.

Louis Ramirez

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