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If This Is the iPhone 11's Final Design, It's Awful

Well, this is it, folks. As we learned yesterday, reliable phone rumormonger Onleak claims this horror is the iPhone 11. And I still can’t believe that Apple is actually going ahead and making it.

Credit: Onleaks

(Image credit: Onleaks)

Months ago, Hemmerstoffer said that the final iPhone 2019 design wasn’t set in stone yet. There were two target designs. One of them with a centered three-camera design — nicknamed the cyclops design — and the ugly patch design you can see here.

The cyclops design was acceptable, albeit bland. But the protruding patch is a travesty of every design principle that Jony Ive ever used — neither innovative nor more useful. And it’s yet to be seen how durable this is going to be: that large glass surface protruding from the phone’s back plane will be exposed in any case. Good luck not breaking it.

But now Hemmerstoffer affirms that, without a doubt, we are getting the pirate patch. Not that there was too much doubt left, mind you. We have already seen “stolen” factory parts that have been leaked, confirming all this. And CAD models in the hands of case manufacturers who are probably churning out plastic crap as we speak.

Maybe, and I’m speaking now as an admirer of Ive and company, the iPhone 11 will actually not be this thing. However, the chances of the pirate patch not being the real thing are now so close to zero that any possibility of a last minute change is nothing but a rounding error.

After the iPhone X notch nonsense, I thought that Apple was working on fixing what its doing wrong, which is clearly affecting its bottom line. Apple is expected to release this horror — iPhone 11, iPhone XI or whatever its name is— in the fall of 2019. 2020 is not arriving fast enough, people.