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Google Pixel 4a price and release date just leaked — and it's coming soon

Pixel 4a wireless charging
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The Google Pixel 4a's release date, price and color options have been found within the search pages of a French enterprise tech supplier.

Spotted by Reddit user Bronzey91, the listing for the Pixel 4a has the ‘Just Black’ and ‘Barely Blue’ model priced at €509.56, which converts to $575/£460, and a release date of July 7. If true, that means the Pixel 4a is quite a bit more expensive than its rumored price tag of $349, and noticeably higher than the iPhone SE’s $399/£419 price. 

This unexpectedly high price of the Pixel 4a is potentially due to the two handsets being listed with a 128GB storage capacity, which is double that of the 64GB the Pixel 4a is expected to start with, as well as the inclusion of VAT in the price and regional tax differences on electrical goods. 

However, if France's 20% standard VAT on the price is removed, the price becomes €408, which is $448 and £360 in the UK. Interestingly, that would make the Pixel 4a more expensive than the Pixel 3a's $399 launch price in the US, but cheaper than it's £399 UK launch price. But again if we take into account UK VAT which sits at 20%, then that price goes up to £432. 

All that being said, this listed price could be based on previous leaks and is being used as a placeholder rather than the actual price of the Pixel 4a. And it's also possible that Google could release a cheaper 64GB version.

Pixel 4a price leak

(Image credit: Ordimedia)

As mentioned, Ordimedia lists a 'Just Black' and a blue version of the phone, but not a white version. This is unusual since Google has historically always offered its Pixel phones in black, white and one other more colorful option. This time we believe that this blue is in fact 'Barely Blue', a fairly pale color but one that should still satisfy people who want a bolder-looking phone.

Where the reliability of this source starts to fall apart is the July 7 shipping date. The release date of the Pixel 4a has been pushed back a few times already. We'd been expecting its debut in May, then June, and then July. However, a new leak has recently claimed the Pixel 4a might not be released until October

Any further delay is bad news for Google. It's understandable given the disruption to supply chains around the world, but it's now been over a year since the debut of the Pixel 3a, and Google could do with replacing it in order to keep up with its competitors.

This leak has been pretty comprehensive but there are a few other regularly leaked details that aren't mentioned here. The display details are a noticeable omission -- there's no mention of the expected 5.7-inch OLED panel with a punch-hole selfie camera. Nor are there any details around the Snapdragon 730, the mid-range chipset the Pixel 4a is expected to have, which will give it solid performance but no 5G compatibility.

There's no information on the amount of RAM, but we're expecting 8GB, a big jump from the 4GB in the Pixel 3a that should be good news for the phone's performance.

And there's no mention of the cameras either. From what's been leaked, there's likely to be a single rear camera on the Pixel 4a, but with Google's excellent photo post-processing skills, the new budget Pixel should fare very well against rivals like the iPhone SE. 

We'll have more clarity on how much the Pixel 4a will cost and what exactly in can bring to the affordable phone arena when it launches. However, when that launch will be is unclear; we're still optimistically expecting the Pixel 4a to be announced in July. 

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