Should you cancel Apple TV Plus in January? Here's the lineup this month

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Apple TV Plus is at a peculiar inflection point right now. In the aftermath of a price hike (it's one of three major services with one recently), and with its biggest show still MIA, many are probably thinking about canceling Apple TV Plus. 

And, to be honest, I don't blame them. At the start of every month, I think about one problem: I pay for too many streaming services. And so I've written thousands of words trying to help people figure out what to keep or cancel. For example, last year, I saved a lot when I canceled Netflix and came back months later. 

Often times, our advice clashes with our favorites. Tom's Guide loves HBO Max (it's the best streaming service in our book), but I've recommended people cancel it multiple times. And as much as we like Apple TV Plus, this is a month where we know you'll have a hard time keeping it.

Should you cancel Apple TV Plus in January 2023?

We're now notably inside the Apple TV Plus price hike (it's now $6.99 / £6.99/$8.99 CAD/AU $9.99 per month), and so people are finally probably aware they're paying more for the service. And how is Apple trying to keep them on board, while many of them wait for Ted Lasso season 3?

Well, after 12 days of nothing, Apple drops two projects on January 13. First is a four-part docuseries called Super League: The War for Football (which may remind people about Coach Lasso's absense). If anyone's been aware of the complicated nature of football (or soccer, as many of us Americans call it), they may be interested in this documentary that shows the Succession-like business warfare that almost led to the European Super League breaking the structure of 'footy' as we know it.

The other January 13 drop is Servant season 4, the final season of M. Night Shyamalan's psychological thriller series. Starring Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free and Rupert Grint, the show (which releases weekly), looks to wrap up its perturbing story that ... well, I won't try and explain it to newbies. It's one to watch before you read up on.

The other returning Apple TV Plus series is Truth Be Told season 3 (Jan. 20), where Octavia Spencer's Poppy teams up with a principal (Gabrielle Union) in dramatic and high-stakes hunt to stop a sex trafficking ring.  Lastly, we've got Shrinking (Jan. 27), which comes to us from some of the minds behind Ted Lasso (Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein) and star Jason Segel.

The 10-episode comedy follows a therapist (Segel) who breaks all the rules about how to be a therapist, ignoring ethics, his training and any common sense. Harrison Ford co-stars.

Outlook: Is Apple TV Plus worth it this month?

Of course, your mileage may (and will) vary here, but I honestly think Apple TV Plus' January lineup looks strong. Yes, this is a very slight list, but Apple TV Plus only costs $7 per month, and its focus on quality over quantity has already proven itself to us.

On top of that, this month's offerings look pretty decent. Shrinking — a new show from the people behind Ted Lasso, with Jason Segel and Harrison Ford — feels like a show that is worth a watch. And I'll admit that this docuseries about the power struggles behind the scenes of football (i.e. soccer) looks compelling for anyone who likes the sport (or Succession), and therefore may not be for everyone.

But for Apple to drop two returning shows in that same month? It's feeding the faithful, and it feels like it's worth a spin. 

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