Walmart PS5 restock could be soon — if these images are legit

PS5 restock
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Walmart could soon hold its next PS5 restock if images that have been circulating on the social media website Reddit are to be believed. 

A user by the name of Barfalimue has claimed to be a maintenance worker at Walmart warehouses, and while at a storage facility for the national retailer took a pair of images that show dozens of PS5 consoles stacked on a shelving unit. This could be an indication that the retailer is building stock in preparation for its next restock of the console in the coming days. 

Walmart hasn’t restocked Sony’s in-demand console for nearly a week at this point, its last PS5 restock was on July 22. This most recent drop lasted only a few seconds before the listing page once again read sold out and thousands of customers were turned away empty-handed. But these images might suggest anyone who missed out will have another chance to get hold of a machine very soon.  

Walmart PS5 restock

(Image credit: Barfalimue)

However, some users on Reddit have pointed out that the units pictured could actually be consoles that were sold during the last Walmart PS5 restock and are being prepared to be shipped out to customers. Considering there are customers who received an order confirmation email during the last drop still waiting on their console to ship, this is not an unreasonable assumption.  

Unfortunately, the original poster of the images wasn’t able to offer any further clarification. We can’t say for definite that the next Walmart PS5 restock is likely to be soon, however, these images certainly suggest it may be worth keeping a close eye on the retailer in the coming days in case a PS5 restock is imminent.  

If Walmart ultimately doesn’t drop in the coming days, at least the biggest Target PS5 restock in months is being tipped for tomorrow (Thursday, July 28) which should offer gamers still without a next-gen system a very good chance to secure one. Though, this drop isn’t confirmed yet either just heavily rumored by reliable sources. 

It’s important to remember when it comes to PS5 restocks if the news doesn’t come directly from a retailer it shouldn’t be taken as fact. There are always lots of unsubstantiated claims found online. Make sure to bookmark out PS5 restock hub where we’ll bring you the latest restock updates and information as we get it, to help you separate the fact from the fiction. 

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