OnePlus Watch will launch March 23 at ‘affordable’ price

OnePlus Watch
(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus just confirmed the OnePlus Watch is launching alongside the OnePlus 9 series during a March 23 virtual event. We've seen enough evidence proving the watch's existence, but now we know for sure it's coming soon.

In its OnePlus Watch teaser, the company doesn't spill any specs. Instead, it explains its intentions for adding a wearable to its mobile lineup, saying it wants to "create a burdenless experience." 

OnePlus says its first smartwatch will offer "seamless connectivity" between OnePlus smartphones, as well as connected Bluetooth devices. The OnePlus Watch will also integrate with OnePlus TVs, which are available in China and India.

Many of the best smartwatches already offer seamless pairing for its respective smartphones, and now OnePlus customers will have one made specifically for their handsets, too.

As for design, leaked images let us know more about what the OnePlus Watch looks like. Online renders suggest it'll follow a design language similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, with a round face and silicone straps. Although OnePlus said its watch will "separates itself from the crowd."

It'll be interesting to see whether the OnePlus Watch is marketed more as a fashion/lifestyle product or rather as a wellness device like the best fitness trackers. We're unsure of what sensors OnePlus put inside its first smartwatch, although we expect a heart rate monitor at the very least. 

The last morsel of OnePlus Watch information the company teased is price. It says the watch will come "at an affordable price point," suggesting it might cost less than the Apple Watch Series 6, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or Fitbit Sense.

If it's under $200, the OnePlus Watch has a good chance at our list of the best cheap smartwatches, too. Of course, wearables range from under $50 for low-cost activity bands to hundreds for high-end, LTE smartwatches. So, the OnePlus Watch could fall anywhere in between.

We'll learn more soon about the OnePlus Watch's inner workings, and hopefully get a sense of when it'll become available to purchase. The OnePlus 9 Series launch event is taking place on March 23 at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT. Be sure to stay tuned to Tom's Guide for all the information about new OnePlus products as announcements roll in.

Kate Kozuch

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