iPhone 14 Pro may have just got its first real-life leak

An alleged real-life image of the iPhone 14 Pro, in a user's hand
(Image credit: Sleepy Afternoon/Weibo)

Update: We've now got more leaked photos of the iPhone 14 Pro, in all the rumored colors.

The reveal of the iPhone 14 likely isn't far off, but new design leaks posted by Sleepy Afternoon on Weibo (via DuanRui on Twitter) seem to have stolen Apple's chance to show off the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in real life for the first time.

The first of these images we'll look at shows four iPhone-shaped objects in four different colors: black, gold, blue and purple. There will likely be a Product RED version as well, just like previous iPhones, although there's no evidence of that in this image. There may also be green and white iPhone 14 models available too according to other leaks, but again there's no sign of them here.

An alleged real-life image of several iPhone 14 models in purple, blue, gold and black

(Image credit: Sleepy Afternoon/Weibo)

The purple one is most interesting as it's believed to be the unique launch color for the iPhone 14 series, similar to how different shades of blue were for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. We have seen this color on iPhones before with the purple iPhone 12, but that was only introduced halfway through the iPhone 12's life, rather than at launch.

Speaking of purple, next we have a short clip of what looks to be an iPhone 14 Pro (or at least a dummy model) in purple, except this time in a user's hand. As they move it around, we can see how the matte finish on the phone (instead of gloss on the base model) makes the color change in the light. The purple shows up most from a sideways angle, while looking at the back of the phone straight-on makes it appear more indigo.

Lastly, we have some close-ups of the new notch, two coming from Weibo user TechYu, while the third DuanRui doesn't provide a separate source for. 

These show off the rumored iPhone 14 Pro notch redesign, which gets rid of the rounded rectangular block we're familiar with and uses a pill-shaped cutout for the Face ID projector/sensor and a punch-hole for the selfie camera. 

An alleged real-life image of the iPhone 14 Pro's new notch

(Image credit: DuanRui)

As the images show (including a new one from Ice Universe), it means there's quite a bit more display available where the notch used to be, which could at least make watching videos and playing games more immersive than before. 

From the angle shown below, it also looks like the Face ID cutout disappears into the black of the display, giving the phone an unmistakable design even with the screen off.

An alleged real-life image of the iPhone 14 Pro's new notch design

(Image credit: TechYu/Weibo)

Be careful taking these images at face value though. Some leakers have claimed the shots of the new notch above are fakes, taken from other renders or using edited images of an iPhone 13 Pro. It's always best to stay skeptical with leaks, and this is no exception.

Apple's just announced its September 7 event, meaning it could be less than two weeks until we see the iPhone 14 series for the first time in the flesh. 

Apple will hopefully confirm other rumored features for the new iPhone here too, like an always-on display and 48MP main camera for the Pro models, and a new selfie camera for all four iPhone 14 models, including the new iPhone 14 Max model.

It's at the Apple September event that we should see the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE 2 for the first time also, and maybe the AirPods Pro 2 if we're lucky. However, anyone waiting for news of the iPad 2022, iPad Pro 2022 or new Macs will apparently have to wait until October for the next Apple event,

Keep an eye on our iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro hubs in the run-up to September 7th to make sure you catch all the latest news and rumors as they break.

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