iPhone 14 Pro leak just tipped brand-new colors

A shot of five iPhone 14 Pro dummy units, in silver, graphite, gold, blue and purple
(Image credit: Sleepy Afternoon)

The iPhone 14's launch means new colors as well as new features. And new iPhone 14 Pro images may have shown what those could be for this year's premium iPhone models. 

Apparently leaked images of what are likely iPhone 14 Pro dummy units show off all five rumored colors for the Pro models, which were posted by Sleepy Afternoon on Weibo. These build on the images we saw in a previous round of leaks, which showed off only one of the color options in detail.

As we can see, the range consists of Silver, Graphite and Gold like in previous years, but also new Blue and Purple options. The antenna lines around the phones' edge are white, rather than the usual color-matched ones, but this could be a dummy-specific element since they don't need real antennas.

Purple's a brand-new color for an iPhone launch, with the only previous iPhones in this color being the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini that arrived halfway through their launch year. But the purple Apple's chosen here is so dark that it no longer matches up with the muted matte finishes on other Pro iPhones, let alone the pastel hue that the iPhone 12 offered.

On the other hand, blue has been an option for both the iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series at launch, albeit in two different shades than what we see here. If there is indeed going to be a new blue option, it also looks a lot deeper in color than previous iPhone colors, such as the iPhone 12 Pro's Pacific Blue and the iPhone 13 Pro's Sierra Blue.

The initial image looks like Apple's gone for much darker, richer colors than on previous Pro iPhones. However, the second image, shown below, seems to show the lighting conditions have a big impact on the appearance of the phone. More natural lighting in the shot makes the purple iPhone look a lot better, so hopefully this is how the real thing will look.

A shot of four iPhone 14 Pro dummy units, in silver, graphite, gold, and purple

(Image credit: Sleepy Afternoon)

There's more to look forward to than just new iPhone colors though. The iPhone 14 Pro in particular is getting some big changes like a new notch design, a higher-rez 48MP main camera and always-on display functionality. The regular iPhone 14 is thought to be getting fewer updates, but could at least get a hardware bump in the form of a better selfie camera.

We know Apple's announced its next event for September 7, and that this Apple September event may also bring news of the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE 2 as well as iPhones. But if it's just the phones you're focused on, make sure to keep up to date with our iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro hubs for the most recent leaks and news.

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