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Alleged Apple Document Leaks iPhone 11, New iPad, Apple Watch 5 Release Dates

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max
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With the impending reveal of Apple’s iPhone 11 happening on September 10, the smartphone world is super keen for news about what’s new and what’s changed from the iPhone XS. This brings us to a new leak which contains lots of interesting information about not just the iPhone 11 but also iOS and the new generation of iPad, but we must caution that this is likely not super reliable.

Coming from the Twitter account AppleBeta2019, the alleged leak comes in the form of an alleged internal document from Apple (which the account linked to in a subsequent tweet) which reveals the company’s launch plans for fall 2019. This includes the launch of the iPhone 11 series on September 27 and the launch of iOS 13 in September 23 with a full public release scheduled for October.

The document also mentions the Apple Watch 5 will also be revealed on September 10, pre-loaded with WatchOS 6, with WatchOS 6.1 coming in October. 

Also, two new iPad models will apparently hit the shelves in October. These may be announced at the same event as the iPhone 11 and Apple Watch 5 next week, or at a later event dedicated to the iPad and iPadOS 13, the tablet-optimized version of iOS 13.

A final piece of information in the document refers to macOS 10.15 Catalina, the newest version of Apple’s computer operating system, which also will release on September 23.

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The veracity of this document has been questioned, as is only right with supposed sources which lack a way to verify them. AppleInsider editor Andrew O’Hara tweeted that he was happy with the authenticity of the document, but that hasn’t stopped others replying pointing out inconsistencies with the document’s wording of boilerplate copy and model numbering, or AppleInsider’s own report casting doubt on the source’s claimed release timelines.

With enough existing leaked information, and previous years’ announcements and leaks to look back on, it is theoretically quite easy to produce fake leaks that sound true. It’s best to not trust this source too much until we get additional independent confirmation, but even if this is entirely false, it’s likely not going to be far off the real release schedule if the creator’s done their homework on Apple’s historic launch habits.

If you want to learn what else has been rumored and leaked about the upcoming iPhone, then our iPhone 11 rumor round-up contains everything we know so far, and is regularly updated. We'll be on the ground in Cupertino on Sept. 10, so stay tuned for the official announcements as they happen. 

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