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For All Mankind season 3: Everything we know so far

For All Mankind season 3
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For All Mankind season 3 has finished filming, which means it's that much closer to taking one giant leap into the future and Mars! The second installment of the Apple TV Plus space drama left off with another jaw-dropping time jump at the end of an explosive episode that put the people on Earth and on the Moon in danger of complete annihilation. 

For All Mankind season 3 will continue the epic story that began with a provocative premise: What if the Russians landed on the moon first, before Americans? The space race never ended, and the two Cold War foes only ramped up the competition to colonize the moon ... and beyond. Season 3 fast forwards to 1995, when the first astronauts set foot on Mars. Filming wrapped last September, as cast member Sonya Walger revealed on Instagram.

For All Mankind keeps a breathtaking pace, with season 1 covering the period between 1969 through 1973. Season 2 jumped a decade in time to 1983, with Ronald Reagan presiding over NASA and the country. And now the show is fast-forwarding once again, which means a new president, new faces in the astronaut program, new missions and new challenges. 

Here's everything we know so far about For All Mankind season 3.

For All Mankind season 3 release date

Apple TV Plus has not set a For All Mankind season 3 release date yet. 

The first season premiered with the launch of Apple TV Plus on Nov. 1, 2019. Season 2 debuted on Feb. 19, 2021. 

Based on the filming schedule (more on that below) and how much post-production work and special effects will likely be required, we're guessing that For All Mankind season 3 will be released in spring or summer 2022.

For All Mankind season 3 filming 

For All Mankind season 3 began filming in late February 2021. Star Krys Marshall (Danielle Poole) posted a photo of herself and Shantel VanSanten sitting in front of their trailer on the set.

For All Mankind season 3 filming wrapped in September 2021. Sonya Walger marked the occasion with an Instagram post:

For All Mankind season 3 cast

The big ensemble cast of For All Mankind will experience some changes in season 3, though they're somewhat hard to predict. 

One thing is for sure, Michael Dorman and Sarah Jones won't be back, since Gordo and Tracy Stevens sacrificed their lives to save the Moon from nuclear destruction.

The other main cast members could return, though they will need ageing makeup since their characters will be in their 40s or 50s. That includes Joel Kinnaman as Ed Baldwin, Shantel VanSanten as Karen Baldwin, Jodi Balfour as Ellen Wilson and Wrenn Schmidt as Margo Madison. 

And since Sonya Walger posted the filming update, we know she'll be back as Molly Cobb, despite the character experiencing the early stages of glaucoma. Season 3 could have Molly possibly develop cancer. 

The younger generation is likely to stick around, including Coral Peña as Aleida Rosales, Casey W. Johnson as Danny Stevens and Cynthy Wu as Kelly Baldwin. Maybe one of latter two is even the astronaut wearing the boots on the surface of Mars.

For All Mankind season 3: The season 2 finale, explained

The season 2 finale of For All Mankind is one of the best episodes of the year so far. It's an action-packed, high-stakes, gut-punch of a finale that kills off two beloved characters and sets up an entirely new story for season 3.

In the finale, the conflict between the Americans and Russians reaches a crisis point, both on Earth and on the moon. At the Jamestown base, the Marines engage the Russian cosmonauts in a gun fight, which leads to the potential meltdown of a nuclear reactor. 

To save everyone on the base and to prevent the moon from becoming uninhabitable for thousands of years, Gordo (Michael Dorman) and Tracy (Sarah Jones) must fix the problem. They cover themselves in duct tape and run into the harsh environment of the lunar surface. They're successful, but lose their lives in the process. They die as heroes, in each other's arms. 

Meanwhile, in lunar orbit, Ed (Joel Kinnaman) faces off against Sally (Ellen Wroe) over blasting a Russian spacecraft. 

In orbit around Earth on Apollo, Danielle (Krys Marshall) goes against orders and docks with the Soyuz. Her handshake with a cosmonaut is broadcast around the globe and inspires President Reagan to make peace with the Russians. 

After the emotional funerals of the Stevenses, Margo (Wrenn Schmidt) receives a call from her Soviet counterpart Sergei. But it turns out he's working with intelligence agents to try to turn Margo into an asset for their side!

Then, the camera swoops over to Mars, where a pair of boots crunches on the red soil. It's 1995.

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