Brook + Wilde debuts luxury Perla mattress with a price tag to match

Brook + Wilde The Perla Mattress
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Brook + Wilde is known for its plush mattresses, and this week it added a new luxury offering to its growing range: the 14-layer Perla. It’s the brand’s most beautiful bed yet, but you may need to sit down for the price: it starts from £3,399. That’s quite the price tag, so why is the Perla so expensive? 

There’s an abundance of natural materials here and they always push up the cost. In this instance we’re talking silk, cashmere (with blended alpaca), bamboo and lamb’s wool. That’s an all-star line-up of natural materials and it’s rare that we come across a silk-infused knitted cover. 

Still, even though Brook + Wilde features in our best mattress guide and has become a bastion of big sleep comfort, does the Perla really warrant such a high price? As it’s brand-new we haven’t reviewed it yet (we’re hoping to), but we can still get a closer look at it now and unpick some of those luxury materials and finishes… 

Brook + Wilde Perla Mattress: Price and sizes

The Perla was launched this week and now sits at the top of the brand’s range (there’s a bespoke option too). So ahead of the 10-layer temperature-cooling Ultima, the Perla is now the most expensive off-the-peg Brook + Wilde mattress money can buy.

The Perla is handcrafted, like its siblings, meaning there’s a lengthy wait ahead of you – up to 12 weeks until you can kick back on this one. It also comes in just three sizes – double, king and king size – though admittedly we can’t imagine there’s much demand for a super-luxe single mattress.

Brook + Wilde The Perla Mattress

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

We’ve come across plenty of luxury beds before so even though that price is a bit of a head-turner at first, it’s not uncommon in the true luxury mattress market, especially when it uses some of the materials found in the best organic mattresses. Still, this definitely sits in the high end.

So how much does the Brook + Wilde Perla mattress cost? Here are the official prices:

  • Brook + Wilde Perla double size – £3,399
  • Brook + Wilde Perla king size – £3,699
  • Brook + Wilde Perla super-king size – £3,999

There’s a jump of just £300 between each size – honestly, we were expecting the super-king to tip into the four-grand bracket. Brook + Wilde regularly offers discounts too, so it isn’t uncommon to find up to 45% off select models when the brand is running a sale. That would make the Perla really well-priced for the premium natural materials on offer.

Brook + Wilde Perla Mattress: Materials

There are certain materials you’d expect to find in any luxury natural mattress worth its salt and the Perla has them, plus a few extras. Wool, a clever temperature-regulating material, is one of them and here you get big helpings of it. 

Namely, blended wool (blended, cashmere, alpaca, bamboo and new wool) and fancy-sounding Airstream memory wool; a high-density fibre layer to boost breathability (a common feature in cooling mattresses). 

Naturally wicking cashmere rich wool makes an appearance in the third layer too, while the silk-infused knitted cover delivers a cooling effect.

Brook + Wilde Perla Mattress: Design

There’s 7,000 springs at work in the Brook + Wilde Perla: 3,000 pocket springs to enhance comfort and deliver bounce and pushback, plus 4,000 micro springs to double-down on all of that. We also like the sound of the lumbar support profiles, there to ease joint pain and reduce pressure points (such as hips, back, shoulders).

Brook + Wilde The Perla Mattress

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

The Brook + Wilde Perla is 32cm deep (though it can’t rival the 36cm-deep coil and wool feast that is the Cambridge 25750 Mattress by The Woolroom, priced from £3,049.) By comparison, the 10-layer Brook + Wilde Ultima is 30cm deep, while The Elite and The Lux, the most affordable in the range, are each 28cm deep. So the Perla is the tallest, plushest offering and the most stacked with premium, non-toxic and natural materials.

Like all other Brook + Wilde mattresses, the Perla comes in your choice of three different feels: soft, medium or firm, meaning there’s one to suit every type of sleeper and body weight. It comes on a 100-night comfort trial too, so you’ll have over three months to make sure you’ve picked the right one.

The 14-layer Perla is available to buy now from Brook + Wilde, with prices starting from £3,399. The brand also makes a raft of luxury bedding, including bed pillows, cooling duvets, and two premium mattress protectors to keep your bed safe from spills and stains.

If a £3,000+ price tag is too rich for your blood (it is very expensive), then we’d recommend checking out the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, priced from £599.50 for a single, or The Woolroom Ryeland 10750 Mattress, priced from £1,299. Or for a more affordable hybrid mattress that uses some natural materials (but not as many), see our round-up of the best Otty mattress sales and discount codes.

Not ready to upgrade just yet but your existing bed could do with some extra comfort or support? Then take a look at our best mattress toppers guide, which includes some great natural and organic toppers.

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