Apple Watch 8 tipped for three sizes — and one could be biggest yet

Apple Watch 7
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Update: A new Apple Watch 8 alleged render image hints that we won't be getting a big design change from Apple's next smartwatch.

This year, the Apple Watch grew for the second time in its six-year history. The Apple Watch 7 comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes, a big increase on the original Apple Watch, which boasted 38mm and 42mm options.

But display analyst Ross Young, who has a decent track record when it comes to Apple predictions, reckons that we won’t be waiting long for the next size changes. “Would you like to see a bigger display on Series 8 of the Apple Watch in 2022?” he asked his followers on Twitter. 

That would sound like idle speculation if it weren’t for the follow-up tweet: “Don’t be surprised if there are three sizes next year,” he wrote

The recent size increase for the Apple Watch 7 came without any extra footprint due to the reduction of bezels, but Apple doesn’t have that much more frame to remove, so we could be looking at a physically larger device next time around. 

Apple Watch 8: What to expect 

That could be disguised by the bold new square design which was hotly tipped for this year’s model by a number of leakers only to end up being a no show. Some insist that the information was reliable, which means it could be correct, but earmarked for the Apple Watch 8 instead.

After the relatively modest upgrades for the Apple Watch 7, which included a brighter display and faster charge times, the Apple Watch 8 could see some of the biggest changes in years, especially in relation to health tracking sensors. Alongside the long-rumored blood sugar measurement (reports of which date back to 2017), the company is said to be working with Rockley Photonics, which produces non-invasive sensors to measure everything from blood pressure to alcohol levels.

Notably, the CEO of the company told The Telegraph that he expects its technology to debut in consumer products next year, so hopefully we’ll see the early fruits of this in the Apple Watch 8

Blood sugar tracking would be interesting to those looking to eat better and lose weight, but could be a game changer for diabetics who currently have to pay a premium for medical hardware that’s compatible with wearables. As our senior writer Kate Kozuch reported last November, something like Dexcom will set Diabetics back $245 for the transmitters and $1,035 for three months’ worth of disposable sensors.

With the Apple Watch 7 only set to go on sale this Friday, all of this is a long way off of course. If past form is a guide, we’re not expecting to see the Apple Watch 8 until September 2022 at the earliest.

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