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Amazon Echo Show 10 price, release date, motion features and more

Amazon Echo Show 10
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon announced the all-new Amazon Echo Show 10, a rotating smart display that follows your movements and adjusts its orientation accordingly.

Unlike the Amazon Echo Show 8, or even larger Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen), the $249.99 Amazon Echo Show 10 looks looks like a tablet was attached to last year's Amazon Echo (3rd Gen).

Amazon Echo Show 10 Specs

Price: $249.99
Display: 10-inch adaptive HD
Speakers: 2 front-firing, woofer
Smart home features: Zigbee, Amazon Sidewalk

The 10-inch adaptive HD display works like previous Echo Show products, offering controls for smart home devices, access to streaming content, step-by-step recipe instruction and a vehicle for video chats. Except now, its 13MP wide-angle camera is also used to track your movements and keep you in the center of the frame.

If that sounds familiar, it's because the Google Nest Hub Max ($229) and Facebook Portal ($199) have similar features. But unlike its competitors, the Echo Show 10 will physically turn to face you.

The Echo Show 10's brushless motor should limit any sounds created by its rotation, too. Its dual, front-firing tweeters and woofer, meanwhile, will power the sound behind Alexa and your tunes.

Of course, this tracking feature can be disabled, and the camera can be concealed with a physical shutter, which we consider a must for any smart display.

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is not available to pre-order like the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, but it will arrive in time for holidays, according to the company.